A culture of addicts

I sit here today in the land of the Wurundjeri as one angry addict.

I’m angry at the selfishness of this occupying culture. Angry at each and every one of you.

Why? Because you are all addicts too. You are all addicts and you refuse to look at it.

Think about this.

How many days have you lived without electricity? Or oil?

How different was your ‘life’ on those days? What is the first thing you do when you wake up? How quickly do you reach for your ‘fix’ of electricity each day?

And here is the question every addict uses on: what does a future without that ‘luxury’ look like?

Tell me what YOU are doing to address YOUR CHOICE to participate in accepting that ‘luxury.’

People look down their noses at ‘addicts’ and refuse to accept a pathological treatment, preferring to cite ‘choice’, and I agree.

If you are reading this, you have chosen to do so using a device that ONLY addicts use.

When you have accepted that your very way of living is unsustainable, and that your way of living is powerless to stop it, then I will accept your judgement of my recovery methods (I’m looking at you porn users and those critical of addiction recovery models).

Until then, you are an addict in active addiction, and you need the healing of a therapeutic community to begin healing, just like me.

#addiction #recovery #antiporn #OccupiedVictoria

Author: aljammer

Deep Green Resistance member. Activist. Women and Indigenous Sovereign First Nations liberationist. Anti-porn. Anti-pimps. Anti-johns #SovereigntyNeverCeded #NordicModelNow #EndDemand #EndSexploitation #NotBuyingIt #DeepGreenResistance https://m.facebook.com/OccupiedAustralia

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