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The Girls and the Grasses

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Captured in a test tube, blood may look like a static liquid, but it’s alive, as animate and intelligent as the rest of you. It also makes up a great deal of you: of your 50 trillion cells, one-quarter are red blood cells. Two million are born every second. On their way to maturation, red blood cells jettison their nuclei―their DNA, their capacity to divide and repair. They have no future, only a task: to carry the hemoglobin that will hold your oxygen. They don’t use the oxygen themselves–they only transport it. This they do with exquisite precision, completing a cycle of circulation through your body every twenty seconds for a hundred days. Then they die.

The core of hemoglobin is a molecule of iron. It’s the iron that grasps the oxygen at the surface of your lungs, hangs on through the rush of blood, then releases it to wanting…

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Press release: Feminists Lead Auckland Pride Parade

writing by renee

This press release was sent to major New Zealand media outlets on January 17, and not published. This is a video of our action here.

This evening, feminist activists Charlie Montague and Renée Gerlich dropped a banner at the front of the Auckland Pride Parade. The banner read:


“Organisations like RainbowYouth and InsideOut, as well as the Pride Parade, must stop endorsing medical experimentation, child abuse, sexist stereotyping, and the destruction of female-only and lesbian spaces,” says Gerlich, who reached out to RainbowYouth and InsideOut with an open letter in 2016.

Montague adds that, “Lesbians around the world are trying to draw attention to the harm of gender identity on lesbians, and we are being silenced.”

Between 2009-16, the number of women and girls in Wellington being referred to endocrinologists for medical gender transition increased twelvefold: from three to forty-one…

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Imagine if Male Genitals Were Treated like Female Genitals

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Dead Wild Roses

Looking through the eyes of another and trying to understand their point of view is an important skill to foster in one’s intellectual development. Understanding that your experiences are not necessarily the experiences of others and then learning from them can really enhance your critical thinking skills and ability to argue effectively.

This ‘what if’ touches on many of the contentious topics that women in today’s society face. The mystification and commodification of the female comes to mind as well as the dark history of patriarchal medical science and science in general. Has it gotten better? Ish? There still remains much work to be done in getting the misogyny out of science and medicine.

Indulge for a moment though the thought as a male of being on the short end of the stick and that disadvantage was dictated to you systematically in society. Imagine how much it would suck.

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Still riding the Second Wave: Reflections on feminist struggles

By Robert Jensen
“The term second-wave feminism is used to mark the U.S. women’s movement that emerged in the 1960s, distinct from the women’s suffrage movement — the first wave — that won the vote in 1920. In the 1990s, the idea of third-wave feminism became popular, though it has never been clear why the crucial insights of the second wave had become irrelevant or why the political work that second-wavers had initiated was somehow magically over. Nowhere is this clearer than in the public-health crisis of epidemic levels of men’s violence against women, where the brutality of patriarchy is so obvious and the analysis and activism of second-wave feminists remains more needed than ever.”


Interview with Ruth Anne Koenick director of Rutgers’ Department of Sexual Assault Services and Crime Victim Assistance by Robert Jensen

I met Ruth Anne Koenick at a dinner before my talk on the feminist critique of pornography at Rutgers University in 1997. I had been doing public presentations on that issue for several years, but that was the first time an institution had paid my plane fare to give a lecture. As a young professor, I was a bit nervous but also was feeling pretty self-important.

Koenick was seated next to me, and when I introduced myself she said, “I’ve seen a lot of men who’ve figured out how to make money off of women’s pain. Are you one of them?”

I admit that I was taken aback, but the question was important and appropriate. I was getting a modest honorarium for the talk, but as a full-time academic who…

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One for the Men: On Prostitution and Thankfulness


“Oh you’re different though. You’re not one of those feminists who hate men.”

Perhaps because my reputation as a sex-negative-man-hating-radical feminist sex-trade abolitionist- banshee precedes me, I often encounter this smiling, insistent comment/question half way through almost any conversation with someone new. Some men await confirmation with their eyes glancing towards the nearest exit, others however are already at mental rest, and need to be dissuaded of the comfortable notion that somehow I disapprove of women who do indeed hate men.

I don’t.

So now we’ve got that out of the way, I’m going to try and address something I find infuriating in experiencing women who are pro-prostitution or neutral about it who disingenuously use the “You’re a man, what would you know?” card on men who abhor the sex-trade.  By men who abhor the sex trade I don’t mean men who seek cookies for abstaining from using prostituted women…

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A culture of addicts

I sit here today in the land of the Wurundjeri as one angry addict.

I’m angry at the selfishness of this occupying culture. Angry at each and every one of you.

Why? Because you are all addicts too. You are all addicts and you refuse to look at it.

Think about this.

How many days have you lived without electricity? Or oil?

How different was your ‘life’ on those days? What is the first thing you do when you wake up? How quickly do you reach for your ‘fix’ of electricity each day?

And here is the question every addict uses on: what does a future without that ‘luxury’ look like?

Tell me what YOU are doing to address YOUR CHOICE to participate in accepting that ‘luxury.’

People look down their noses at ‘addicts’ and refuse to accept a pathological treatment, preferring to cite ‘choice’, and I agree.

If you are reading this, you have chosen to do so using a device that ONLY addicts use.

When you have accepted that your very way of living is unsustainable, and that your way of living is powerless to stop it, then I will accept your judgement of my recovery methods (I’m looking at you porn users and those critical of addiction recovery models).

Until then, you are an addict in active addiction, and you need the healing of a therapeutic community to begin healing, just like me.

#addiction #recovery #antiporn #OccupiedVictoria