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Ep 39: Black Deaths & the Digital Resistance

Curtain The Podcast

Hosts Amy Mcquire and Martin Hodgson are back with a new episode of Curtain that focusses on a new initiative called cop watch and one of its key players. Amy sits down the campaigner Shaun Harris, the Uncle of Ms Dhu to talk about empowering Aboriginal communities, the systematic racism Aboriginal people face daily and an encounter with law enforcement in Alice Springs.


This weeks episode was made possible with the support of Uri Auerbach, Jacqui Newberry, Susan Peterson, Simon Crewdson and other generous donors.
They pledged support and you can too at https://www.patreon.com/CurtainPodcast

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Crazy Policeman attacks Indigenous kids – other Police shocked

Wiradjuri News

A frustrated Policeman attempts arrest on young girl trying to help him

Policeman goes crazy trying to arrest kids 

The video shows a group of Murris (Indigenous Queenslanders) being asked to ‘move on’ by a Policeman who over reacts.

The Policeman is frustrated with the group who are simply shopping at the time. Other Police arrive to understand the situation and look dumbfounded.

The frustrated Policeman tries to arrest a young girl who bent to pick up his keys, who had her hand out to give them back to him but he launches for her arm.

After failing to grab & arrest members of the small group, the Policeman from Murgon Qld falls into a heap when he dives & misses them.

The other Police members look in shock and assist the group to move away from the Policeman.

The Policeman centred in the video was found in a police…

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Families walk B.C. Highway of Tears to honour missing, murdered Indigenous women

Warrior Publications

smithers-december-18-2007-billboard-warning-girls-not-to-hi Billboard warning girls not to hitchhike on the Highway of Tears (Highway 16) where many young women have gone missing. This is just north of Smithers. Steve Bosch / Vancouver Sun

by Laura Kane, Associated Press, September 20, 2017

When Gladys Radek walks the Highway of Tears, she says she can feel the spirits of women who are missing or have been murdered walking beside her.

Dozens have vanished or been killed along the notorious stretch of Highway 16 in central British Columbia. On Thursday, Radek will honour the 12th anniversary of the disappearance of her niece, Tamara Lynn Chipman, by walking the route once again.

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‘Sex Work’- The Dignity Of Men


Call it what it is, it’s prostitution.

The dignity of men is something they take very seriously. Dignity, even and especially, under (male) law, is predicated on the concept of choice. The male concept of dignity is based on status due to class structure.

A lot of people with little choice also like to claim they have choice because it is linked to the concept of dignity.

The rhetoric around prostitution being an industry of stigma and shame for the prostituted relies entirely on making sure men do not look bad. Men are shamed only by association and proximity to the prostituted person rather than their creation and ongoing demand for us.

They use us because we are there, and they want to feel dignified in doing so.
There is no cognizance by the general public that men put us there. There is no cognizance of who benefits from us…

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WLRN Interview with Julia Long & Organizers of the What Is Gender Conference in London

Women’s Liberation Radio News

Hour-long interview with Trixie & Ruby, two organizers of the What Is Gender conference that took place in London on September 13th and Julia Long, a speaker at the conference.

On September 13th, at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in London, trans activists swarmed a group of women meeting to discuss the meaning of the word “gender” and the Gender Recognition Act that is getting support from both the left and the right in the UK.

A 60 year old woman was beaten by several of the male activists and police were called to Speakers’ Corner before the conference took place. The women were determined to hold it despite the attacks and some managed to make it to a secret venue located near Hyde Park.

Our featured picture is by Venice Allen and is of conference participants listening to one of the talks.

In this interview, WLRN’s Thistle Pettersen speaks…

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A Systemic Problem With Internet Organizing

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This

Back in the days when there were small, stable communities, people who had more or less stayed together in one place for generations, people got into it with each other just as much as they do today. But there were a couple of big differences.

One is that they had more investment in dispute resolution, because they were all of a tribe. To fail to resolve disputes would mean, ultimately, the demise of the community.

The other is that since everybody knew each other, it was relatively easy to determine who the arbiters were. They were not people who got themselves into positions of power by force or trickery, not in a healthy community. They would be the elders who were known to be fair, who had known everybody all their lives, who had a good insight into human foibles, people who had a knack for seeing through misrepresentations. People…

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– Kajsa Ekis Ekman : “Prostitution is the enemy of sexual liberation”

Kajsa Ekis Ekman

“Prostitution is the enemy of sexual liberation”


Prostitution is, in reality, very simple. It is sex between two people—between one who wants it and one who doesn’t. Since desire is absent, payment takes its place. This inequality of lust is the basis of all prostitution, be it ‘VIP escort services’ or the modern slavery of trafficking. The same condition is always present: one person wants to have sex, one doesn’t. Money may get the buyer ‘consent’ and even fake appreciation during the act, but it only highlights the fact that the other party has sex even though s/he does not really want to. No matter how much is said or done to cover this up, if there were mutual desire, there wouldn’t be any payment—and we all know it. Prostitution is therefore an enemy of sexual liberation, of lust, and of free will. This, of course, is…

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