By the numbers: The oppression of women and girls globally

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Military spending

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, global military spending now exceeds 1.3 trillion dollars.
Source: Aric McBay, “Civilization and other hazards”, in “Deep Green Resistance”.

Murder and male violence

95 per cent of all violence committed against both men and women is committed by men.
Source: Caitlin Roper, Reclaim the Night Speech; ABC; Australian Bureau of Statistics

“Women commit perhaps one-tenth of all murders, and less than one tenth of one percent of all mass shootings. When one removes from the pool of killers all women who struck back against abusive strangers and partners alike, only to be punished for their self-defense, the number drops further. To deny the specifically male nature of atrocity is to fool oneself.”
Source: Jonah Mix,Mass Killers Don’t Have a Warped View of Masculinity — Liberal Men Do”

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