Occupied Victoria

It horrifies me to learn at 46 years of age, to understand that I live in occupied lands. The horrifying part is that I am part of that occupation.

This is not going to be some gigantic attempt at an essay, just a marker. A marker of acknowledgement for myself.

The land of the Wurundjeri, the land in which I currently am, is illegally occupied by ‘The State of Victoria’ on behalf of ‘The Commonwealth of Australia’ but both of these governing bodies were founded on documents of deceit.

I have been enslaved into the systems of these ‘Governments’ under the guise of ‘citizenship’ and ‘civilised’ living. To be ‘civil’ in this occupation, means to rely on a way of living that exploits native human and non-humans. Civilised living is occupied living.

The land is Wurundjeri, as are its people and non-people, always was, always will be.



Author: aljammer

Deep Green Resistance member. Activist. Women and Indigenous Sovereign First Nations liberationist. Anti-porn. Anti-pimps. Anti-johns #SovereigntyNeverCeded #NordicModelNow #EndDemand #EndSexploitation #NotBuyingIt #DeepGreenResistance https://m.facebook.com/OccupiedAustralia

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