WLRN Interview with Julia Long & Organizers of the What Is Gender Conference in London

Women’s Liberation Radio News

Hour-long interview with Trixie & Ruby, two organizers of the What Is Gender conference that took place in London on September 13th and Julia Long, a speaker at the conference.

On September 13th, at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park in London, trans activists swarmed a group of women meeting to discuss the meaning of the word “gender” and the Gender Recognition Act that is getting support from both the left and the right in the UK.

A 60 year old woman was beaten by several of the male activists and police were called to Speakers’ Corner before the conference took place. The women were determined to hold it despite the attacks and some managed to make it to a secret venue located near Hyde Park.

Our featured picture is by Venice Allen and is of conference participants listening to one of the talks.

In this interview, WLRN’s Thistle Pettersen speaks…

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