Why women hate ‘cis’

All credit aurorevalee @ Tumblr

Why women hate “cis”
Gender was made by males to oppress females. Gender is a set of social norms and behaviors to keep men in power over women.
Telling women that they’re victims of violent misogyny because of their gender (as opposed to their sex), and then telling them that they identify with that gender (cis), is essentially telling women that they identify with being the victims of male violence.
Wait, gender is innate you say?
Please explain to me why transwomen must be biologically predisposed to being raped or killed by men.
How do transwomen just innately know that they’re predestined to be paid less because of their identity?
Do transwomen identify with being sexually harassed as they walk down the street?
When a transwoman realizes he’s trans, is there an overwhelming sense of relief as he knows he’s bound to be forever held back from his career because he might have kids some day or his husband might move away?
Do transwomen identify with being the default gender to clean up after men in the home?
Of course they don’t.

#radical feminism


Author: aljammer

Deep Green Resistance member. Activist. Women and Indigenous Sovereign First Nations liberationist. Anti-porn. Anti-pimps. Anti-johns #SovereigntyNeverCeded #NordicModelNow #EndDemand #EndSexploitation #NotBuyingIt #DeepGreenResistance https://m.facebook.com/OccupiedAustralia

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