I am not Charlie Rae

Charlie Rae

If you follow me on Facebook, this post will make more sense to you.

I wanted a new place to write, and perhaps publish some things that I have been writing in my personal journals. Before I had anyone following me online I wasn’t afraid to share my true thoughts. But when people start paying attention to you, waves of outrage can roll to the shore of your life and break over you because of a single word or symbol. Some call this hearing a “dog whistle”, a concept I will later write critically of here.

I wanted a place to write that was not facebook or twitter, or The Fifth Column, which is the alternative news source I have freelanced for going on two years. I wanted to try something new. I want to find a way to continue posting what I believe to be reasonable and thoughtful analysis…

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Author: aljammer

Deep Green Resistance member. Activist. Women and Indigenous Sovereign First Nations liberationist. Anti-porn. Anti-pimps. Anti-johns #SovereigntyNeverCeded #NordicModelNow #EndDemand #EndSexploitation #NotBuyingIt #DeepGreenResistance https://m.facebook.com/OccupiedAustralia

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